Suppress your appetite and food cravings and increase overall energy levels in a safe and natural way.

Now you can reach for a POWER POP and take away those cravings with a tasty treat.  Never before has there been such a sweet way to loose weight.  

Power Pop Video

US Patent #6.982.098                      US Patent #7.311.929

Power Pop Ingredients:



L-tyrosine lamino acid*

Vitamin B-6 - 2 mg

Vitamin B-12 - 2 mcg


Approximately 28 calories, 0 fat grams and 4.0 g carbohydrate

3 Power Pops do not exceed 40% RDA of Vitamins

*RDA is unknown for this ingredient.


Power Pops DO NOT CONTAIN EPHEDRA or MAHUANG.  Low in Sugar!

Power Pops come in several flavors :  cherry, green apple, mountain berry, pina colada, cinnamon, root beer float, pink lemonade, butter pecan and many more.

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